Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Introducing our new xtracycle kid seat!

We've written before about our problems with the peapod seat for the xtracycle, that primarily stemmed from incompatibility with the our small bike frame frame (Angela is 5' 1"....what can you do?).

Then, a generous offer from Rob Hanson on the rootsradicals yahoo group solved all of our problems. Rob custom built us this snap deck kid seat and it is a beauty (the paint job is ours!). The seat is solid, and will clearly give us many years of use. H loves her new seat and couldn't wait to try it out. We are beyond thrilled to own the second such seat in existence.

Bike seat in early stages of painting.

And I tell you. This seat stops traffic. It's unveiling was at the annual Somerville Honk Fest parade from Davis Square to Harvard Square. The whole family in the parade!The seat, along with our bike's new custom license plate got lots of admiring looks and inquiries (Rob--we're passing on your cards!). We enjoyed riding along in the parade with the Cambridge Green Streets Initiative and the Katz-Christy Family, another Cambridge car-free family (the kind with big kids) who also happen to all be able to walk on stilts (?!?). We also found ourselves in a whole gang of xtracycles at some point. Very enjoyable. Biking in the parade -- note the stroller strapped on the Xtracycle.

Rob is open to being contacted about similar seats and you can reach him here. You can also take a look at Rob's own set up here.

[In addition to being proud owners of our lovely new seat, we also have almost a full quart each of blue, yellow and lime green super non-toxic exterior paint. If anyone local has need of it, let us know.]


mnultraguy said...

Love the plate!

Ben Greenberg said...

Congratulations on the new seat. It is awesome and was really fun to read about. (And I like your license plate, too.)

Anonymous said...

Why do you have two seats in the back when you only have one kid?

Julian said...

Best paint job yet on an xtracycle kid seat! It will be really hard not to xtracycle our one semi-normal bike when our second kid comes along, just for a seat like yours. Glad I found your site!

Chiara Kael said...

thanks for posting. i was looking to find info on the extracycle with a child seats.. very informative.