Friday, July 18, 2008

About Us

Who are we, you ask? We're Angela and Dorea Vierling-Claassen, two carfree mathematicians who have a daughter H (born 6/06) and a son R (born 5/09). We've been happily carfree since our truck died in 2004. Oh, and in case the names aren't a complete tip-off, we're also lesbians.

Dorea works on mathematical modeling in neuroscience at MIT and MGH. Angela teaches mathematics at Lesley University and works on using game theory to model the division of labor in parenting.

Our other passions include talking a lot about almost everything, knitting (Dorea), reading (Angela), pretending to give people raisins (H) and laughing at his big sister (R). We live in North Cambridge, are members of Havurat Shalom, get veggies from Parker Farm, get our groceries at the Market Basket and lug them home in our Xtracycle.


Kristen von Hoffmann said...

Hello VCs! Great Blog!

Would you be interested in adding our blog, Greenfox Schools Blog, to your blog link list? We specialize in environmental consulting for schools.

you can e-mail me directly at if you'd like to reach me.

Kristen von Hoffmann

bikerliz said...

Hi VCs, I just started a blog - and my part of it advocacy for biking in boston and making the street a little more eco-friendly. Could you had me to your blog roll and I'll do the same?

And please check out my blog and comment at will. You both are a perfect example and how life can be lived via bike!

Cheers, Liz

Angela V-C said...

Yay bikerliz! That's a great website -- nice looking and some great content. I'm excited to add you to our blogroll!

Mat said...


This is Mat, of Dianne, of Gillian. It was fun bumping into you guys the other day after ArtBeat--Dianne meets people at playgroups and places and usually I just have to try to imagine them.

Just dropping by to say that this is a good read, and that it's fun to see that you guys not only live a few blocks away, sans car, but even get veggies from Farmer Steve. We're on, what, our fourth year with him? Not even sure.

Anyhow, see you around, I bet!

Leo said...

I love that you linked to the wikipedia article on "lesbian", in case any readers weren't aware of what it meant. :)

Great blog, guys. I've now officially gone back into your archives and read every post. Very useful to someone like me, planning on going carless soon with 6 kids.

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