Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trains and Buses and Toddlers

We have family in town right now who are staying in the south end, and this means more rides on buses and subways for our little family than usual. Yesterday we took a bus to the science museum, a train to "vacation house" (as H. calls it), and then a pair of trains back home. Since we were riding at rush hour, we took H. out of her stroller and let her ride either sitting on my lap or sitting on her own seat. She hasn't yet done much riding outside of her stroller, so we were curious to see how she would do.

The results were mixed. She was happy to be sitting in her own seat, but was a bit more vigorous that most of the other riders probably would have enjoyed. She liked looking out of the window, but sometimes had to be reminded to be quieter in her enthusiasm. She needed frequent reminders to continue sitting and was squirmy enough that the trips made me tired. During the last ride, we had to get off of the train because H. got a little hysterical when the nice man she was flirting with moved a few seats down (either to get away from her, or to give us room to sit down next to her -- I'm not sure which). We put her back into her stroller and told her if she didn't calm down we would get off the train. She didn't, so we did, and we got back on the next train with a calmer child who stayed in her stroller.

So we still have some things to work on. We want her to be safe on the train, to listen to us, and to sit in a seat (although I think we're deciding that kneeling in order to be able to look out the window is OK). We've been thinking of taking some "practice" stroller-free train trips with her for short distances so that we can work on the rules of riding in situations with less pressure.


Joy said...

Our toddler is obsessed with the city bus. He actually screams "c'mere city bus" whenever it's within his visual radar. His enthusiasm has helped me integrate bus travel into our life with great results. For a very small fee, a bus ride provides entertainment, less emissions than our car, and a great way for us to connect with our community. Thanks for your wonderful blog!

Angela said...

Hi Joy! That's great -- our daughter loves the bus too, but gets bored with sitting pretty quickly, so we don't get quite as much entertainment value unfortunately. We've also heard about people in our area taking the commuter rail with kids, getting off at a stop not far away, then playing and coming home. It's a pretty cheap exciting train ride!

dave said...

some of us have older kids now and get a kick out of seeing some little kid jump around inappropriately. That's out there also - not just disapproval. Just so you know. Oh, and a bit of envy of and sympathy for the parent.