Monday, September 14, 2009

On the road again

It's official. I'm back on the bike. Wow, is it good to be back!

I stopped biking somewhat prior to and during pregnancy, and while recovering from birth. Plenty of women, including one very impressive lady over at totcycle, do bike while pregnant, and more power to them. But for me, the year of acupuncture it took to even get me to ovulate combined with the vast sums of money we were laying out for frozen sperm (as lesbians, we didn't have easy access to the free stuff), as well as my acupuncturists stern warnings (she's great, but a little bossy), were enough to ground me for the year. Thankfully, we live in an area with great transit, so I had a workable alternative.

After the birth, I was chomping at the bit to get back on the bike, but I had a lot of recovery to do and it took a solid three months to get to where I could handle a ride of longer than five minutes without extreme discomfort the next day. I've now been commuting for about two weeks with no ill effects, and couldn't be happier. I've always loved the sense of freedom I have while riding, and now it feels even sweeter.

The best thing though, and what finally got me off my duff to post an update, was riding along today, in a big line of bikers, and seeing a little hand waving madly out of a school bus window, and hearing "Hello H's Mom!!" I waved heartily to a girl from our local playground as I passed her bus at the light. It's nice to be back on the road.