Friday, August 22, 2008

Some finds on the web

Today I wasted a little time on the internet (OK, you can change "today" to "everyday") and I found a few interesting websites I hadn't seen before, so I thought I'd share:
  • There's a great page on carfree cities from Bikes at Work, Inc. This page uses census data to rank cities according to alternative commuting and percent of households that are carfree. I'm considering moving to New Square, New York which is 75% carfree (and I bet a couple of lesbian Jews-by-choice would fit right in). Note that on this page you can do your own search and as a result I found that Cambridge ("our fair city" to quote the cartalk guys who I still love to listen to) is 28% carfree with over 50% of people commuting by foot, bike, or public transportation. By the way, check out the Bikes at Work site, which has resources to help you haul stuff by bike (including how to move by bike), and a carfree resource page.
  • I also just found a carfree group on Yahoo and joined. I'm not that excited to get something new in my mailbox, but I'm hoping it will provide additional support/community. It seems like a medium-activity list.
  • For those of you that happen to live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the city has a pair of good sites about biking and walking. Here you can find phone numbers about pothole repair, sidewalk clearance, and information about how to get involved with improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.