Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks to our friends with cars.

Things have been a bit rough around our digs these last few weeks. I'm operating at maybe 1/2 capacity due to some serious and stubborn morning sickness. We've all been knocked down by a vicious case of viral bronchitis that seems to have taken the whole neighborhood by storm, and taken all of our sleep and energy along with it.

Cold weather + bronchitis = No biking for Angela = No easy groceries for us.

So we'd like to give a big thank you to our friends with cars, the friends who hardly ever drive them and insist we can borrow whenever we need. Thank you Cindy and David for the grocery trip last weekend (and the food you brought us yesterday), and thank you Sue and Tracy for offering us the car so we can get to Market Basket this afternoon. We love not that we almost never have to drive, but also love that we have generous friends and neighbors who help us out in a pinch when it turns out we need to. Thank you.


Dave said...

good luck you two - I was sick most winters until my kids - (I don't own them, to be honest, but the possessive expression is the best I have) got to be - oh, 6 or 8 or a bit older. Hard to say.

What I can tell you is that I learned to appreciate the first blooms of the redbuds (Virginia), because it meant the winter cold season was over.

Angela V-C said...

Thanks, Dave. Bit by bit we are getting better, but of course the colds do seem to come one after the other. I'm now just looking forward to feeling well enough to bike to our favorite grocery rather than having to borrow a car (probably by the time I feel well enough, there will be ice on the streets!!)