Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Used Success

A while back I wrote about wanting to purchase more things used. I just wanted to report a major success, which was buying a used portable dishwasher. I found the dishwasher on Craigslist and was able to find someone who could deliver it as well. Even including the cost of delivery, we saved a few hundred off of a new purchase, and I was able to get an EnergyStar dishwasher. We got the dishwasher hooked up and it works great (but we still have to figure out how to fix some leaking from our faucet -- leave a comment if you have any ideas).

Next projects involving used items: get rid of the (working) washer in the basement, buying a used bed frame for our queen-sized futon, and try to rent a birth pool rather than buying one.


Da Goof said...

I presume the leaking you speak of is from the "new" aerator you had to put on your faucet for the quick disconnect on the hose. If this is the case take both the original aerator (with seal) and the new one to the hardware or building supply store and in the plumbing section look for a new washer to fit. With time they get compressed and when put on a different faucet they will not seal.
The washer is less than $1 so your still ahead with your purchase. You'll want both aerators just to verify your getting the right size.

Sometimes our washer will piddle some water out the nozzle while running but that seems to be "normal".

Hope this helps.

Dottie said...

I'm trying to buy as much as I can used, too. There are so many products out there that market themselves as "green" but really the greenest product possible (other than no product at all) is used. Some things I don't do so good on (like the new yoga mat I bought today, I can't stand the thought of a used sweaty yoga mat) but at least I'm mindful of it.