Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carfree on the Internet

This week I've been noticing just how much stuff comes with kids. We picked up a lot from friends used, but I still feel like the stream of stuff pouring into our house is wide and deep. We have gifts for H's birthday, an avalanche of parts for the many electric breast pumps in our home, and new tools from some home renovation projects taken on by Dorea's dad. We're trying to counterbalance the influx by clearing out our basement, including paring down our vast collection of hand-me-down clothes to what will actually be worn.

I've been surfing around the carfree internet today and found a few items of interest:


sara said...

I find the Saratoga school's policy to be incredibly depressing and so short-sighted. I don't know the area in terms of traffic, etc. but a 'no walk, no ride' policy is so outrageous. How about a 'take the bus, ride your bike or walk ONLY' policy and there wouldn't be the log-jam of individual cars dropping off kids.

CarFree Stupidity said...

Thanks for the link on the school story. What an idiotic situation, and how ironic is it that they made the parent come back with a car to pick up the bike.