Friday, December 19, 2008

No digging out

On days like today (with snow falling at a steady clip), I extra love not having a car. No car to shovel out or move to a rare legal parking space. Being carfree really lessens the pre-snow anxiety and the post-snow grief. Day care is closed today, so I just walked down to a local café and soon I’ll walk back home, no muss no commuting fuss. During last December’s storm, it was a pain to walk back home through the snow, but not that much of a pain, especially when I had friends and coworkers that were stuck in traffic for hours (I could have taken the T to Alewife, but I was worried that Russel Field might not be plowed).

I also love it that everyone becomes car free on a day with heavy snow. We all tend to stick close to home and chat with neighbors as we dig out. It's cosy. Happy snow, everyone!


RowdyKittens said...

I just discovered that you are following me on Twitter. :) Thank you!

Your blog rocks! We went carfree last year and LOVE it! It is one of the best decision we ever made. :)

Thanks again for following me on Twitter. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. :)

Angela V-C said...

Thanks! It's great to meet other carfree folks :)