Friday, December 12, 2008

Our slow recovery and a request of car drivers

Our household is slowly recovering from a terrible cold/sinus/cough thing. The toddler that brought this plague down upon us got over it a few weeks ago, but Dorea and I are still having some sinus trouble. Dorea is also showing some signs of getting over the first trimester blues. She's got a little more energy and does a little less puking.

The weather in Boston has been terrible over the last few days, which leads to my request of car drivers everywhere. If you are driving in the rain on a street with a sidewalk, please slow down when you go through puddles and lakes on the side of the road. When I'm out walking in the rain, the last thing I need is a huge wave of water coming up at me from under your wheels. I know that weather can be frustrating to drive it, but you are dry and warm in your car and I am cold and wet, and if you soak my pants and coat it's going to make me very crabby. Did I mention that I have a cold that could turn into pneumonia at any moment? Have a heart!

Also I find a new weblog today, Car Free Lifestyle, that even has a youtube video advertising being car free.