Friday, January 2, 2009

Finding the Perfect School

Recently, Dorea and I have been worrying about school. We live a little more than a quarter-mile from the Peabody school and plan to send H there in a few years when she starts kindergarten (yes, I know -- we worry way too much). We know a number of families in the area who have kids at Peabody and some of the reports from them have us a little worried. I won't repeat any of the specifics (and I will note that we have heard positive things about Peabody as well), but I think our response to the concerns we've heard is interesting.

We talked a little about the content of the concerns, but both decided pretty quickly that Peabody is probably our only option. It's the only public school that is easily walkable (although there is a charter school, Banneker, that is also very close by and we'll have to research). There are other schools that we could get to by bike, bus, or a longer walk, but selecting a school that is further away means that we'd be less like to go to events and meetings at the school and less likely to find friends within walking distance to play with. Honestly, I have to say that H being able to walk to school is among my top priorities in educating her.

So we'll go with the closest school and make it work. This will likely be some combination of becoming involved with the school, becoming forces for change where necessary, and living with things that aren't perfect. H won't be entering kindergarten until 2011, but we hope to find ways to start connecting with the school community before that so that we can feel prepared. Apparently, City Sprouts has some open gardening times at Peabody, so perhaps when the spring comes we'll start with that!