Friday, January 23, 2009

Toddler commentary on Red Line delays

At the ripe old age of 2 1/2, H's T-riding prowess continues to increase. She now regularly walks to our station (Alewife) in a relatively timely fashion, and rides sitting in her own seat. Yesterday, she and I needed to get downtown and back. Coming back to Cambridge on the red-line at 5:30 with a non-napped toddler led to some interesting moments (especially in light of ongoing outbound red-line delays North of town):

1) After asking (politely) for help removing her coat, H begins to proclaim in a chirpy toddler voice, "I'm naked! I'm naked!" The train was dead silent, due to it being rush hour when no one speaks or looks at each other, and the train being stopped between stations (see above re: delays).

2) After about the 3rd time the train stops dead between stations, and the lovely PA announces that there are "delays due to a previous switching problem at Alewife" H says, "We're never going to make it! We're never going to make it!" Again, dead silent train. That one got some smiles. Fortunately, H was wrong. We did, in fact, make it home. Eventually.


Susan said...

Tell H that Baba was stuck in that same Red Line delay. It was a drag, and I also thought we would never make it. It sounds like H showed amazing patience!